Home Depot Affiliate Program Review: How To Make Money With It?

Home Depot Affiliate Program Review: How To Make Money With It?

Today I am going to share the best affiliate opportunity for all the savvy affiliate marketers. 

That is home depot. I think you probably have heard about this company. 


If not then let me give you a short introduction of this company. 

Home Depot is an online retailer of home improvement. It is considered one of the largest and most popular retailers in the world for home improvement items. They have 2300 stores in the US and they only ship their products in the united states. But they also have chains in canada and mexico. 

They do have a canada home depot affiliate program but in this post I am going to talk about the US one. 

Do not worry anyone from anywhere can participate in this amazing affiliate program. You just need to have an audience base in the United states. 

So without wasting any time let’s learn more about it. 

What Is Home Depot? 

Home Depot was founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur M. Blank, Kenneth Gerald Langone, and Pat Farrah on June 29, 1978. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Home Depot is a retailer of home supplies and home renovation items. The company offers home renovation items, lawn and garden supplies, and decor products.

It also provides tool and equipment rental as well as home improvement installation services. 

It is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United states. 

Why Should You Join The Home Depot Affiliate Program? 

The Home Depot Affiliate Program, which offers a wide range of products for home remodelling and decoration, is a great method to diversify your affiliate business and avoid relying just on the Amazon Associates program. 

Aside from commissions, this well-established affiliate program, run through Impact Radius, provides a diverse range of banner ads, a daily product data feed, text links, and, most importantly, high-quality support from both the home depot affiliate account managers, as well as the top-notch tech support provided by the Impact platform.

This is why it’s a great opportunity for all the affiliates to get involved in promoting home depot products. They also do have high ticket products from which you can earn really good commissions. 

How To Sign Up?

Step 1: Go to their website and click on the sign up now button. As shown in the picture below. 

home depot affiliate program commission

Step 2 : Fill in the information required in the form. Remember you will be asked for your website url. So you’ll need to have an active website to become an home depot affiliate partner.

home depot affiliate program login

Once you complete the above application with correct information. You need to wait for 1-2 days then you will be contacted by the home depot team whether your application is accepted or rejected.

What Products Can You Promote On Home Depot? 

On Home Depot, you can promote any product listed in any category. 

However, the product list is extensive, and promoting all 200,000+ products on your site is very difficult. 

The popularity, brands, and commission rates can all be used to rank the categories and products. 

Also you must be more particular about the product you pick to promote. 

Every category has dozens of subcategories, and each subcategory has dozens to hundreds of products.

You can promote any of the following categories:

  • Appliances
  • Bath and Faucets
  • Binds and Window Treatment
  • Building Materials
  • Cleaning
  • Decor and Furniture
  • Doors and Windows
  • Electrical
  • Flooring and Area Rugs
  • Hardware
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Holiday decorations
  • Kitchen and Kitchenware
  • Lawn and Garden
  • Lighting and Ceiling Fans
  • Outdoor Living and Patio
  • Paint
  • Plumbing
  • Smart Home
  • Storage and Organization
  • Tools

When You Will Not Receive A Commission? 

In the following cases you will not receive any commission:- 

Gift card

You do not receive any commission when a buyer purchases something using a voucher. 

Installation services

Customers at Home Depot can pay extra for installation services on several products. Regrettably, your commission is always computed solely on the basis of the product price, and it is never increased by additional services.

Custom created products

You will not be paid a commission if you advertise a product that is not available on the Home Depot online store.

In-store purchases

You will not receive any commission if someone visits the online store through your affiliate link and purchases the product in-person rather than online. 

This is fairly common because it is impossible to track a goods purchased offline, thus you don’t get paid a fee.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Home Depot Affiliate Program? 


Big Brand 

You’ll be working with the world’s largest home improvement shop as an affiliate. This company has gained a lot of popularity just like amazon. So as an affiliate it’s always good to work with big brands. 

Anyone can join 

Even if you are a beginner or expert, you can easily apply for this amazing affiliate program. 

Huge Variety of products 

Affiliates can get access to over 200,000 products. You have the option of selecting any product from the list.

Promotional Materials 

You will gain access to the eye-catching marketing materials for example banner ads, text links, catchy images etc.


Short Cookie Duration 

The cookie duration is for a very short duration of 24 hours. You will not receive any money if a customer clicks on your Home Depot affiliate link and purchases a product after one day. This is completely unjust. The company should seriously consider modifying the cookie period. The affiliates can get significant loss from it. 

Ships only in the US 

The shipment is limited to only the United States. Home Depot only ships inside the mainland United States and a limited selection of products to Alaska and Hawaii,” they claim. For example, your website might appeal to a global audience. Then, in this instance, it’s really difficult to focus solely on US prospects. It would be a failure if someone from a country other than the United States had clicked and expressed interest in purchasing a product.

Need to have a website 

If you don’t have a website, you won’t be able to become a Home Depot affiliate.You must have an active website to profit from the Home Depot affiliate program.

How to promote the Home Depot affiliate program?

Product Reviews 

More than 91% of individuals read internet reviews, and 84 % of them trust them as much as personal recommendations. 

That’s why you should write a detailed review of the product that you are promoting and show people how it has helped you. You need to be completely honest with your audience then only they will trust you and buy from your affiliate link.

Youtube Channel 

Internet users are devouring social and web videos and livestreams, which is driving rising online video consumption. People spend an average of 84 minutes each day watching internet video, according to Zenith, with that number anticipated to rise to 100 minutes by 2021. Between 2013 and 2018, digital video consumption increased by 32 percent on average. 

You can utilise online video to promote home depot new products, reach out to specific audiences, and give live demonstrations, creating dynamic, visually engaging experiences for potential customers.  There are lots of successful youtube channels that are using the same strategies to promote their affiliate products and they are earning a lot of money from it. 

Banner Ads

It’s obvious that driving traffic to your website is critical. However, once visitors arrive, you want them to take action, such as reading your blog article, watching your video, or, most crucially, clicking on your links. Banner ads and call-to-action buttons are two of the most effective ways to persuade your visitors to act. You can simply insert the banners from the home depot affiliate program and insert it into your website blog page. 


You will be noticed in the search engines if you use search engine optimization. It necessitates the use of the appropriate keywords, both long tail and short tail. In addition, you must utilise the proper descriptors, image tags, and Meta descriptions, among other things. It is also critical that you monitor the performance of your website. If your pages are slow to load or difficult to browse, you will lose a lot of visitors. Choose a web host that can supply you with enough bandwidth and support to ensure that your website does not experience any downtime. You can optimize for buyer intended keywords and create content related to it so that people can come to your website and buy from your affiliate link. 

Email Marketing 

You have the option of creating mailing lists of your target audience and promoting Home Depot products to them. Keep in mind that if you don’t perform it correctly, they can find it irritating. If you do not know how to create email campaigns then you can hire someone on fiverr to do this work for you. 

How You Can Track Conversions?

If you use the affiliate links correctly, you’ll be able to view all the commissions you’ve earned once you’re in your affiliate dashboard. All Home Depot affiliate links have unique IDs that monitor where a person came from or which customised link they used. Do not attempt to change the links you receive from Impact, as this may cause your tracking to be lost, resulting in missed commissions for you.

Commission Structure 

The current commission on products, mobile, and buy online, pick up in-store orders are set at 2%, according to the Home Depot website. In addition, Home Depot pays a 1% commission on any appliances sold through the program. On certain home decor items, an 8% commission is imposed.

Payment Thresholds 

This Affiliate Program is hosted on Impact Radius, as you are all aware. As a result, you can withdraw your funds using multiple payloads. 

Checks, PayPal, wire transfers, and direct deposits are examples of payment methods.

First you need to meet the minimum threshold of $100 if you are receiving the money from the check and $50 in case of direct deposit. 

You will receive all the commissions on the 20th of each month. Which means you need to wait for at least one month to receive the payouts. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Home Depot affiliate program is great if you are in the home decor and improvement niche. You need to target the US audience only. One thing I didn’t like about this affiliate program is the 24 hours cookie duration but still it’s not that bad if your marketing strategy is right.

The affiliate commissions are not that high but still it’s a fair program to make money online. It is a big brand and has a lot of popularity in the United States so you can take advantage of it and convert your audience into customers easily. You can select from the vast majority of products that suit your audience interest.

Also if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then you can join this free affiliate marketing training that has helped me and I think it will do the same for you. 

Want more? No problem!

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