12 Best Hunting Affiliate Programs of 2022

12 Best Hunting Affiliate Programs of 2022

If you have an engaged audience in the hunting niche and you are looking for ways to monetize either your blog or social media platforms then affiliate marketing is the right choice for you. 

There are hundreds of affiliate programs in this niche but in this post, I have picked the best hunting affiliate program that you can join right away. 


Tidewe was established by hunting experts who are committed to producing and inventing high-quality, inexpensive hunting equipment, such as hunting boots, waders, trail cameras, chairs, hunting fabric, caps, and rangefinders.

The brand aims to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a better, more pleasant experience in the field, and based on how excited customers are and how highly they rate all Tidewe items, it appears that the company is succeeding.

Due to good quality branded hunting gear at a reasonable price, conversion rates are high. Over $100 is the average order value.

They will give you additional bonuses if you bring in more sales.

Furthermore, you will receive text links, banners, coupons/deals, a data feed, and a promotion email that will be updated regularly.

Their affiliate commission rate is 10 %with a cookie life of 30 days. 

Commission 10%

Cookie 7 days

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Sportsman’s Guide

Sportsman Guide has a large and diverse collection of branded outdoor gear, outdoor sports gear, footwear, clothes, and other accessories at competitive prices.

Since their first sportsman guide catalogue hit the streets in 1917, the firm has taken pride in outfitting America’s outdoor enthusiasts.

Their 591,000 square foot warehouse is loaded with superior grade discount apparel and outdoor gear for deer hunting and other outdoor adventures.

Guns, Clothing, Ammo & Shooting, Military Surplus, Outdoor Recreation, Camping, Boating, Home & Gifts, Tools and Equipment, and Boots and Shoes are just a few of the categories they provide.

They are always introducing new offers, new arrivals, on sale, discount rates, best gun deals, special buys, and a variety of other sections for their customers. 

It is a leading retailer in the outdoor gear industry. You will receive text links, banner ads to promote it. 

Their affiliate commission rate is 2% to 5% with a cookie life of 7 days. 

Commission 2% – 5%

Cookie 7 days

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Battlebox was founded in 2015. It offers a unique subscription box service targeting the avid outdoorsman ship, the hunter, the survivalist or serviceman. 

They provide a wide variety of camping, survival, EDC, and all-around fantastic outdoor gear.

You can expect to earn pretty high commission’s on the products ranging from $24.99 to $149.99.

They will provide you with the best affiliate support with specially designed creatives and coupon codes.

But the catch here is that cookie duration time is very low. 

Their affiliate commission rate is 7% with a cookie life of 7 days. 

Commission 7%

Cookie 7 days 

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HuntSmart is a major provider of high-quality hunting equipment located in Clarksville.

The company is run by NLC Products, Inc. The Nite Lite Outdoor retail store sells the same items that are available on HuntSmart.com.

They also have a selection of Bridger traps.

HuntSmart is always adding new products to its product line for its clients. 

Because of their volume discounts with major carriers, HuntSmart offers exceptionally low shipping rates on large items.

They also guarantee to provide unrivalled customer service. 

Huntsmart sells light systems, batteries, bulbs, chargers, headlamp replacements, outerwear, bibs & chaps, hound style hats, shirts, hunting accessories, books & videos, clothing & boots, game calls, hog, knives, trapping, dog collars, dog leads & couplers, dog training & accessories, E-collars, and more.

You will receive a wide range of advertising materials like banners and offers which will help you maximise your earning potential. 

Their affiliate commission rate is 3% with a cookie life of 30 days. 

Commission 3%

Cookie 30 days

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Cabela’s is a well-known name in the outdoor industry. Since 1961, this outfitter has been selling hunting, fishing, and outdoor gear.

They have more than 200 retail locations throughout North America.

Their affiliate commission rate is 5% with a cookie life of 14 days. 

Commission 5%

Cookie 14 days

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BlackOvis is an online website that sells a variety of hunting gear and supplies from various companies. 

They promise to have the best hunting equipment from all of the leading manufacturers.

They assert that they are always prepared to outfit clients for their next major hunt.

All of the equipment they give is reliable and capable of meeting the needs of your hunt.

Headwear, vests, jackets, insulation, pants, gloves, waders, shirts, hats, boots, hiking shoes, socks, tripods, binoculars, backpacks, trail cameras, bow-fishing, arrow, tents, hammocks, and first aid are among the many hunting goods they sell. 

Their affiliate commission rate is 6% to 10% with a cookie life of 60 days. 

Commission 6% – 10%

Cookie Duration 60 days

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Camofire established itself as a separate entity from its competitors.

They have always been focused on their purpose of connecting hunters with the top brands to get them closer to the things they love. 

Camofire has sold a large number of products to clients in the United States and Canada since its launch.

The organisation places a premium on authenticity and is constantly expanding its offerings to reach out to more individuals.

Camofire has a great selection of hunting clothes and accessories from well-known companies.

New discounts from a range of brands are added to the website every day.

There are discounts on upper and lower body apparel, luggage, tents, air beds, and hunting instruments, among other items. 

Their affiliate commission rate is 4% to 7% with a cookie life of 30 days. 

Commission 4% – 7%

Cookie 30 days

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Wing Supply 

Wing supply has been serving hunters for 40 years. Lee Fauntleroy, the legendary creator of Uncle Lee’s Sporting Goods in Greenville, KY, launched Wing Supply in 1982.

Since the beginning, they have consistently delivered great products at the lowest possible prices. 

Wing Supply is one of the major online dealers for waterfowl and wing shooters in the United States.

Their shop has expanded from a little shop to a 76,000-square-foot hunting paradise. 

Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are their target market, and they offer daily discounts with the greatest online pricing for their consumers.

Their affiliate commission rate is 5% with a cookie life of 90 days. 

Commission 5%

Cookie 90 days

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Airgun Depot 

Scott Thomas and Todd Holmberg launched AirGun Depot in 2002 to provide air gunners with a greater selection of high-quality bb and pellet weapons than what was available in stores. 

They’ve built their business into one of the most successful airguns, paintball, airsoft, crossbow, and accessory retailers in the United States.

Their affiliate commission rate is 6% with a cookie life of 30 days. 

Commission 6%

Cookie 30 days

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Deadwood Knives

DeadwoodKnives is a firm that aims to give a diverse range of knives and cutlery to the general people.

They also offer a variety of knife-related services.

They have a variety of knife kinds available, including Barlow, Butterbean, Camp Knife, Canoe, Cheetah, and a variety of others.

Knife brands such as Boker, Buck, Bulldog, German Bull, and more. 

Commemorative, Complete Set, Gift Set, and Kitchen Set are some of the knife sets available.

Apparel, polish, sharpeners, sheaths, and other accessories are available. 

Their affiliate commission rate is 25% with a cookie life of 90 days. 

Commission 8%

Cookie 180 days

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Brownells is a popular hunting and survival website. They have 75 years of experience, particularly in the weapon industry. 

According to recent data, they have over 90,000 products from some of the industry’s most well-known names. 

Perhaps this is why they also work with police enforcement and military groups.

You can find everything here, from gun components to ammunition, survival gear to archery supplies.

Their affiliate commission rate is 5% with a cookie life of 14 days. 

Commission 5%

Cookie 14 days

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American Hunting Lease Association 

Most hunters are aware of how difficult hunting can get when it comes to leasing.

Finding the ideal hunting land should not be as difficult as it frequently is.

The American Hunting Lease Association relieves you of this burden. 

They pair hunters with landowners eager to lease their property.

All of this is carried out in such a way that both hunters and landowners gain.

Their affiliate commission rate is $35 per referral with a cookie life of 180 days. 

Commission $50 per referral

Cookie 180 days

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Field Supply

Field Supply has the greatest prices online on everything you need for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities, and they carry top brands like Avery, Drake, Browning, Plano, and others. 

They also provide daily bargains and flash specials that can save you up to 80%. 

The company has been established for 20 years, and they take pride in earning their clients’ trust and keeping them coming back for more.

Their affiliate commission rate is 5% with a cookie life of 90 days. 

Commission 5%

Cookie 90 days

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Final Thoughts

Now you have the complete list of best hunting affiliate programs.

But before picking any of the above programs, have a look at their payment thresholds and payment methods. 

In addition, if you want to make the most out of your affiliate marketing journey then join this free affiliate marketing training that will help you to boost your conversion rates. 

Want more? No problem!

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