8 Best Drone Affiliate Programs of 2022

8 Best Drone Affiliate Programs of 2022

All of us have heard about drones nowadays either from the news or from our friends.

Drones are the most trending thing these days.

They changed the way of the photography business by taking high-quality pictures.

The technology is improved and advanced day by day which makes it possible to see the places with very fewer fees.

All types of businesses are benefited from drones in some ways.

Drone marketing helps you to promote your brand easily without any hassles.

It can help you set up your product into the market easily through drone videos and also increase traffic on your website.

In this blog post, I am going to share a list of the best drone affiliate programs where you can earn huge commissions when referring others to buy drones via links provided here. 


Potensic is a growing company that specialises in the creation of a wide range of drones and is dedicated to helping customers realise their flying fantasies.

Their team of professionals, drawn from some of the industry’s top names, has a wide spectrum of experience in developing some of the best tech products on the market, and their comprehensive knowledge is incorporated into every part of our drones. 

They think that invention, like height, has no bounds. As a result, they aim to do the unthinkable and use it practically in everyday life, according to a user-oriented philosophy that mixes aesthetics and practicality. 

They are dedicated and passionate creators, engineers, developers, researchers, and marketers who are dedicated to making high-quality, yet affordable products backed by friendly, responsive service that delights their loyal consumers all over the world.

Commission – 6% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Wellbots is the largest online supplier of smart products such as robot vacuums, pool cleaners, electric scooters and bikes, drones, smartwatches, portable charging stations, air purifiers, smart locks, and other smart devices.

Three times in a row, the company has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Companies, as well as the Financial Times 2021 Ranking of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

Wellbots offers a carefully chosen range of best-in-class goods from its partner brands, which include iRobot, Garmin, Sonos, Google Nest, Segway, August, SharkNinja, Ring, and more than 200 more. 

Wellbots has strategic connections with The Verge and Engadget, as well as being a Google Trusted Store and releasing the Wellbots Ranking of the Top 25 Smart Products every year.

Wellbots has evolved into one of the main authorities in the Internet-of-Things business since its inception.

Commission – 6% per sale

Cookie Duration – n/a 

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SwellPRO is the inventor of the Splash drone, the world’s first waterproof drone founded by Eric Hu and Tony Zhang. 

SwellPRO, the company behind the Splash Drone, is committed to remaining a leader in waterproof UAV technology, allowing professionals and members of the public to operate and enjoy a fully functional drone in a variety of weather and environmental circumstances.

Commission – 5% per sale

Cookie Duration – 60 days

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DroneVideos is in charge of a huge network of professional drone pilots around the United States.

The company was founded to provide consistent high-quality aerial photography to customers and clients across the United States. 

In each of the 50 states, it has contracts with FAA-licensed drone operators.

The Federal Aviation Administration only hires pilots who are fully licenced, insured, and licenced (FAA). 

Only FAA-certified pilots are allowed to provide commercial flyover services. 

Pilots for DroneVideo are also thoroughly vetted and must pass a series of background checks and professional examinations. 

DroneVideos.com was founded in the summer of 2017 and is situated in Virginia.

It quickly grew from servicing 45 U.S. areas in the first six months to today reaching practically every nook and cranny of the country.

Commission – 10% per sale

Cookie Duration – n/a

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Scorpion Drone

Scorpion Drone is a company based in the United States that sells excellent drones and accessories for professional use, such as agriculture, inspection work, and other tasks.

They’re based in Miami and can supply high-quality drones to any location on the planet.

Their drones are designed for a specific purpose, and customers will often be required to explain why they are purchasing one.

Agricultural drones, for example, can quickly spray insecticides or herbicides across a field, saving time and money.

On the platform, you’ll discover everything you need for a better shopping experience. 

Users of professional drones may require particular adjustments to match the aims of their use.

Scorpion Drone, in this sense, provides such services to fulfil your needs.

Commission – 5% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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DJI is a Chinese drone manufacturer and the world’s leader in consumer unmanned aerial vehicles development and marketing.

Spark, DJI’s first drone, was released in May 2017 and allows users to control it with only hand gestures.

The Spark is a small camera drone that can take off from the palm of the user’s hand.

DJI’s revolutionary 3D vision sensor technology, as well as its utilisation of machine learning and computer vision, enable Spark to accomplish this. 

The ability to share photographs and films has improved thanks to new video and photo editing capabilities.

DJI launched the Mavic Air in January 2018, a drone having a 4K camera, a three-axis gimbal (to improve stabilisation), and a flying time of 21 minutes.

Commission – 5% per sale

Cookie Duration – n/a

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ABJ Drone Academy 

When it comes to drone training, ABJ drone academy company goes all out.

They cover everything from the fundamentals to highly specific use case requirements.

What’s more, they have a subscription service that allows users to access a variety of training for a modest monthly charge.

Two of these subscriptions are only available online, while the third provides both online and in-person access. 

It’s also worth noting that they provide training throughout the world, not just in the United States.

Commission – 40% – 70% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Drones Direct

Drones Direct is a brand building and supplying drones all over the UK since 2011. 

They are the one-stop store for everything drone and remote control aircraft related. 

They offer training, aerial photography, and videography services for both personal and commercial usage, so whether someone is new to drones, an avid hobbyist, or interested in the commercial applications of drones and remote control aircraft, it is the right spot. 

They also guarantee to undercut their big competitors on pricing because of their buying power, they can acquire large quantities of stock and give discounted pricing to their customers. 

Commission – 1% per sale

Cookie Duration – 7 days

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Final Thoughts 

There you have the list of best drone affiliate programs.

Drones are very popular in this technology.

This is the best way to make money on your terms, manage your time and increase sales.

But if you are struggling to make sales with affiliate marketing then you can join this free affiliate marketing training which will help you to succeed and reach your goals. 

Want more? No problem!

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