8 Best Personal Loan Affiliate Programs of 2022

8 Best Personal Loan Affiliate Programs of 2022

A personal loan is a loan generally used by individuals to fulfil their personal needs.

It enables people to fulfil all their dreams, such as going on a trip or buying that new vehicle etc. NRI’s, working and salaried individuals can avail it.

Personal loans are the fastest-growing loan segment in the UK.

At a time when banks don’t want to give personal loans, these unsecured loan options quickly emerge as an alternative.

With the growing popularity of online lending platforms, it has never been so easy to get a quick personal loan and meet your unplanned expenses.

Well, the continuous growth of the population and the rising unemployment rate has resulted in a large number of people owing salaries.

Because of this huge pool of private liabilities, online personal loans have become one such saving scheme for not paying taxes.

Since we are talking about a high demand for personal loans, it’s really important for you as an affiliate marketer to get into this business now and make money off it by signing up for these affiliate programs that I am going to share.


LendKey is a marketplace where borrowers can get private student loans as well as refinanced student loans from credit unions and community banks. 

Borrowers who prefer to interact with these institutions rather than a large bank will benefit from its loans.

All loans made through LendKey must meet their standards.

If your refinance application is denied by LendKey, the lender will explain why. 

Commission – n/a

Cookie Duration – n/a

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Smarter Loans 

Smarter Loans caters to a wide range of customers.

Smarter Loans visitors can learn about personal and business loans and financing, credit cards, savings and chequing accounts, credit score monitoring and improvement, debt solutions, investing, saving, and managing money, among other topics. 

On Smarter Loans, finding a loan is a straightforward process.

When you go to the site’s home page, you’ll see a list of Canadian loan providers.

By selecting the proper loan kind, you can filter down the list of lenders. Some people, for example, maybe seek a personal loan, while others may be seeking a mortgage.

You can select the loan type you’re interested in and a selection of loan options will appear immediately.

Commission – 70% per sale

Cookie Duration – 30 days

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Lend You 

Another online loan company, Lend You, specialises in connecting different lenders and borrowers.

It comes with a simple loan application and very attractive lending limits.

Loan products such as payday loans, instalment loans, and personal loans will be available to lenders on the platform.

LendYou makes it simple to get a variety of loan amounts from a variety of lenders, regardless of your credit score.

This platform offers loans ranging from $1,000 to $35,000 with few limitations on how you can utilise the money.

Commission – 70% per sale

Cookie Duration – 1 day

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Brighter Loan 

Brighter Loans is a company whose mission is to financially empower its customers.

It is a free loan service that is quick and easy to use.

A prospective borrower is processed, their eligibility is checked, and they are then connected with a potential lending partner.

Money appears in the borrower’s bank account as soon as the next business day if the borrower successfully negotiates with the lending institution. 

The borrower can repay the loan over time if the terms are clearly defined.

Brighter Loans is a business that gives introductions, not a loan organisation, according to a review.

Brighter Loans, on the other hand, has previously matched thousands of lenders and borrowers and has received overwhelmingly excellent feedback from prior users.

Commission – n/a

Cookie Duration – n/a

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Upstart provides personal loans with quick funding, cheap interest rates, and excellent customer service.

Its personal loans, on the other hand, come with fees, so it’s crucial to evaluate possibilities from several lenders before applying.

Upstart personal loans are a great option for those with fair credit or no credit history.

Borrowers with excellent credit could find lower fees elsewhere, but those with fair credit or no credit history will find Upstart personal loans to be a great option.

Upstart was one of the first startups to employ artificial intelligence to help people get loans at a lower cost.

To be authorised, you must have a FICO score of at least 300.

However, depending on your situation, you might be able to get a loan from Upstart even if you don’t have a credit history.

You’ll also need a consistent source of income, a bank account, and a working email address.

Commission – 5.67% per sale

Cookie Duration – 45 days

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The Zippy Loan

The Zippy Loan team takes a new approach to personal loans.

Instead of allowing consumers to request finance in-house, they connect them with a network of lenders who can give them anywhere from $100 to $15,000.

A personal loan can be received in as little as one business day thanks to their speedy approval process. 

All the consumer needs are proof of a consistent source of income and proof of legal age.

It is not a problem to have negative credit. 

Furthermore, it protects the information of clients. Customers can pay in many payments, up to 60 months in some situations.

Furthermore, even if the prospects’ credit is being repaired, they will be able to receive a loan.

Another advantage is that some of their lenders provide small company loans with payback terms of up to 60 months, providing you plenty of time to repay the loan.

Commission – $45 per sale

Cookie Duration – 1 day

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Viva Loan 

Vivaloan is an online personal loan marketplace that connects borrowers with lenders of diverse credit profiles.

It is a comparison-style website, neither a lender nor a participant in the financing process.

Instead, you will be matched with lenders depending on your financial profile. 

For example, if you need $500 and your credit isn’t great, Vivaloan will connect you with specialised lenders who are willing to work with people with low credit. If you have good credit, on the other hand, the platform will try to connect you with lenders who specialise in low-interest loans. 

In terms of the basics, Vivaloan allows you to apply for a loan for as little as $100 and as much as $15,000. 

Commission – $45 per sale

Cookie Duration – 1 day

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OppLoans is a company that specialises in online personal loans for people with terrible credit or no credit.

Loan amounts range from $500 to $4,000, and they are determined by the applicant’s income, repayment capabilities, and creditworthiness. 

Borrowing requirements differ by state; for example, Alabama citizens must borrow at least $2,000, whereas Georgia residents must borrow at least $3,001.23. 

OppLoans offers personal loans with durations ranging from six to 18 months and APRs ranging from 59 per cent to 199 per cent.

In comparison to other lenders, this makes OppLoans a costly borrowing alternative. 

OppLoans does not charge origination costs or prepayment penalties, even though its loan terms are short and its APRs are high.

It also considers factors other than the FICO score and credit history when making loan choices. 

While this may make it easier for customers to qualify for a loan, some alternative online lenders offer more affordable personal loans with better rates.

Commission – $75 per sale

Cookie Duration – 15 days

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Final Thoughts

There you have the list of best personal loan affiliate programs that you can promote to your target audience and earn a good steady stream of income from it. 

But if you are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing and want a clear roadmap to succeed then you can join this free affiliate marketing training which will help to achieve your goals. 

Want more? No problem!

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