How To Make Money On Steam (2022)

How To Make Money On Steam (2022)

Did you know you can make money while playing games?

Oh yes you heard me right! 

You can earn a lot of money just playing games online. Most of the gamers already know about the steam platform where you can play your favourite games and also earn money. 

According to statista, steam has over 24.8 million concurrent users in 2020 and this number will increase in 2021.So, yes steam is a 100% legitimate platform from which you can have this great opportunity to make some extra bucks. 

As we all know online gaming is the number one source of entertainment for many people because we all get bored at some time period and we need something to refresh our minds.

So let’s dive deep into this and get in depth knowledge about how you can also implement these strategies to make money on steam. 

What exactly is Steam?

Steam is an online distribution platform for PC games that also serves as a social networking tool for PC players. 

It was originally designed to host video games from its parent firm, Valve Corporation, but it has subsequently grown to allow third-party titles. Steam has become a major force in the video game business as a result of this decision. 

It’s trading card reward system is one of the platform’s distinctive features that attracts players. Steam automatically drops trading cards of varied rarities into players’ inventory as they progress through games and achieve objectives.

Users can gain badges by exchanging complete sets of these online trading cards. However, there is a snag. By playing the game, users can only earn half of the cards needed to complete a set. 

They must buy or trade for the missing cards with another player in order to complete the set. Even the free playing cards have value in this system because they are required to complete the set.

How to make money on steam? 

These are the top ways to make money from steam:- 

Developing your own game

It is one of my favourites and you can earn a lot of money with this method. 

Steam Direct allows users to release their own original third-party PC games. 

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this strategy is that users can be paid via direct deposit rather for in-game cash. This strategy comes with a certain amount of financial risk. In order to build their game, users will have to put in some time and effort i.e. 

  • If they need additional people to produce a full PC game, this might involve hiring expenditures. 
  • Users who want to list titles on the Steam Direct store must pay a $100 fee.

As a result, when considering the benefits and drawbacks of building a game on the site, game producers should consider this cost. If you’re confident in your ability to create engaging and exciting games that Steam consumers will want to buy, this might be well worth it. 

Selling games on Steam Direct offers far more profit possibilities than selling in-game goods and trade cards. Steam does have guidelines and standards that define what is and isn’t permitted content. 

While these rules have become more stringent in recent years, they are quite simple to follow if you are aware of them in advance.

Sell Skins

Selling skins is another wonderful method to make money on Steam.

But, what exactly is skin?

A skin is a texture that wraps over your in-game avatar, weapon, or object to give it a distinct appearance in the game. They are usually in-game loot items that are obtained by opening a loot box that is given to players for participating in the game.

On Steam, skins have grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. Rare skins are frequently sold for over $1000. Every day, more skins are joining the + $1000 club.

Skins are given out as a prize for playing multiplayer games in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). You’ll get skins merely for playing. However, if you’re good and can win games, you’ll get more/better treasure.

Sell Loot Boxes

Publishers, not developers, have made loot boxes associated with current multiplayer games as they aim to extract every last penny from players.

Instead of giving the publishers the last laugh, Steam allows you to sell Loot boxes in exchange for Steam credit.

First and foremost, what is a Steam credit?

Steam credit is simply money that you keep in your Steam wallet. But why do we refer to it as credit?

We call it credit since you can’t easily cash out the cash once it’s in your Steam wallet. Your credit can only be used to purchase games or stuff.

Anyway, let’s get back to the point.

Because many games spit them out, loot boxes are a terrific method to gain credit. After that, you place the unopened loot box on the Steam marketplace.

Rare loot boxes can sell for as much as $5. Ultra uncommon loot boxes, on the other hand, can sell for hundreds of dollars.

Buyers are actually putting their money on the line in the hopes of discovering the item they’re looking for inside. Despite the fact that the chances of finding any specific item are lower than winning the lottery!

However, if you can play games swiftly and resist the need to open loot boxes long enough to sell them, you can make a significant amount of money every time you play your favourite game.

If you play your game properly, you will be able to win.

Sell Cosmetic Crates 

Second method is selling cosmetic crates.Users receive cosmetic crates when they play games or buy in-game currency.

Because these boxes are difficult to come by, they are extremely valuable. 

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Global Offensive are two of the most popular games that often drop pricey crates.

When you play PUBG on a regular basis, you might earn a lot of money.

The more battles you win, the more Battle Points you earn. In this area, one crate is worth 700 Battle Points. 

In Counter-Strike, you can obtain two crate drops per week as you achieve more experience through approved game modes.

You might also try playing “operations,” which are specialised games with narrative mode missions and other supplementary material.

The more procedures you complete, the better your chances of receiving the weekly award. It’s worth noting that some of the prizes are worth $100 each.

Trading Cards

Selling trading cards is one of the simplest methods to make money on Steam. Many games on the Steam store will reward you with trade cards if you play them. While the majority of cards are just worth a few cents, each game can yield anything from 1-3 cards. This can really build up over time (especially for avid gamers among us). 

It’s nearly impossible to predict exactly when you’ll receive these cards. There are, nevertheless, a few guidelines that can assist you in the long term. Within the first 15 minutes of gameplay, the first trading card appears. Then, within two hours of the first, a second will arrive. 

Here are a few ways to profit from the sale of trading cards.

Purchase low and sell high:- The rule of thumb in economics is to buy low and sell high.

This concept can also be applied to earning money on Steam.

Do not rely exclusively on your Steam activity to accumulate cards, as this will only increase over time. 

Because most trading cards on Steam are only a few cents, do your homework and keep track of supply and demand.

Begin by going to the market and examining the costs of various things before deciding which ones to purchase. 

You can get a speedy return on investment with this strategy.

You can predict which cards you can buy for $0.50 and sell for $1.50 after looking at the market — that’s a 300 percent return on investment!

Take the Transaction Fee into Account:- Another essential consideration is the transaction price: all Steam Card transactions are subject to a 15% fee.

This fee is automatically applied to the total cost of the purchase.

It’s critical to remember this when trying to make money on Steam because you won’t get the price listed on the marketplace.

When you’re doing your calculations, make sure to take this into account.

 Another crucial aspect is to understand your market, which means being as specific as possible with what you’re selling.

Before deciding on which market to sell in, try at least three and study them thoroughly.

Don’t overextend yourself by trying to sell in numerous marketplaces at the same time, as you would in many other areas of life.

Collect Valuable Items:- Finally, identify which trade cards are valuable in order to make money on Steam by selling them.

Foil cards are the most valuable of the several varieties of trading cards.

On the Steam marketplace, rare things can fetch over a hundred bucks. 

However, there are a few circumstances in which you can raise the price of standard items: Dropping items or cards that aren’t available,  A new game’s trading card system. 

Save Pre- Release Items

Holding and selling pre-release content is another way to generate money on Steam. 

As you might expect, new games are released on Steam on a regular basis. You may frequently pre-order these games before they are released. This could offer you access to developer-only stuff before it’s released! 

You’ll acquire a variety of pre-release goods, but they’re usually unique skins, crates, or stuff. 

And here’s the best part: 

Many of the pre-release items will not be available for purchase in-game once the game is released. 

So, if you pre-order a game and acquire any exclusive stuff, save it and sell it on the Market later for a good price! 

And when I say decent price, I’m talking hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. I’m not kidding. 

Because there are fewer people who own these items, you can earn much more money for them.

Sell Your Art, Design, And Coding Skills As A Freelancer.

Another option to generate money on Steam is to promote your freelancing services in the Steam community, whether you have design or coding talents. 

All you have to do is participate in community activities. 

Participate in online forums and make connections with game creators searching for a freelance designer, developer, or coder. 

Independent game developers can use Steam to attract a large worldwide audience and create a community around their games. Make the most of the connections you have with these smaller developers by networking with them! 

In addition, the Steam community is brimming with die-hard gamers on the lookout for distinctive in-game material and profile art. You may trade them amazing graphic ideas or artwork for Steam Wallet money or even actual money! 

There’s a Steam game centre for every game you like. In the game’s Workshop feature, you can network with other players/fans and sell player-created content.

How much money can you make on Steam by selling games?

 It will be determined by two factors:-

  • Your game’s popularity. 
  • The price you list it for. 

Steam also receives 30% of the sale price as a commission. As a result, it’s critical to take this in mind while calculating profitability. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the $100 deposit is non-refundable unless you exceed Steam’s $1,000 payout cap.

If you’re interested in game production and want to optimise your income by selling games on Steam Direct, there are a few options. 

First and foremost, you should focus on producing an enjoyable game that will receive positive feedback.

On Steam, word of mouth is the most effective way to drive sales.

Going above and above to improve your game’s presentation on Steam.

Another strategy to boost sales is to go direct. Potential buyers will be more likely to purchase your game if you include items like a well-made game trailer and a collection of in-game images. 

You can also use Steam Direct to sell your own original games.

Users can also work for other independent game developers on a contract basis.

Independent game developers are always on the hunt for talented programmers, artists, and other professionals to help them with their projects.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Buying And Opening Crates

Buying and opening crates with your hard-earned Steam money is a mistake to avoid. While the prospect of obtaining a rare item may be attractive, keep in mind that obtaining high-value things is extremely difficult.

For example, the Biker crate in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds costs around $0.50, yet the $150 cloth mask is only available 0.01 percent of the time.

This means that, on average, a single $150 cloth mask is unboxed for every $5000 spent on these crates.

Saving the money you get from crates makes a lot more sense. You’ll eventually save up enough money to purchase a cosmetic item or perhaps a new game.

Buying in the Correct Manner

It’s possible that you’ll have to buy on the community market using your browser, as it’s much faster than using the Steam software. You can also use a script like Steam Market Helper, which automates a piece of the process for you:

Purchasing in the Correct Manner

It’s possible that you’ll have to buy on the community market using your browser, as it’s much faster than using the Steam software. You can also use a script like Steam Market Helper, which automates a piece of the process for you:-

  • Opens the cheapest product by default.
  • Increases the cost’s readability.
  • Agree to the terms in order for you to save a single tick.

Regardless, you must obtain it yourself unless you use the material auto-reload, auto-purchase, and rehash options (which may get you restricted from Steam as bots are not permitted).

Using a program, on the other hand, is faster than using Steam.

Final Thoughts

In short, you have covered the best ways to make money while doing your favorite thing, which is playing games. Earlier no one had an idea that you can actually make living doing this! But in today’s world of technology it is possible and we should take advantage of this opportunity. You can even do this thing as a side hustle. 

Want more? No problem!

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