Link Building: How To Build High Quality Links (2021)

Link Building: How To Build High Quality Links (2021)

You may already know how important link building is in increasing your search engine rankings.

You need to build quality links in order to compete with others who already have established their authority in your niche. 

And there are lots of white hat strategies that you can use. 

But how are you going to do it? 

Do not worry! 

In this post I am going to walk you through how you can build links and what exactly link building is. 

So that you can also use the below strategies in your website and gain amazing results.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the act of obtaining links from other websites to your own, and it is crucial to your overall SEO strategy. 

You’ll need to develop valuable content linked to your company, products, and services to get started with a link-building strategy.

You gain a backlink or a link from another site to your own when someone links to your valuable content. 

Link building raises your site’s domain authority, which can help you rank higher in search results.

How To Build High Quality Links?

Establish Relationships With Industry Influencers

One of the most effective methods to building links is to develop relationships with major industry sources so that they come to you for information. 

This content may be as easy as a quotation for a piece they’re working on, or it could be something more complex like a critical statistic that you can supply.

In most industries, you only need a small number of contacts to have a good impact on your reputation and ability to naturally obtain links. 

The goal is to discover writers who are clearly specialists in your field and who write about issues relating to what you do on a regular basis.

To identify these types of writers, you can do personal research and read relevant articles. 

Once you’ve done that, don’t try to build a relationship with them by heavily marketing something. 

Start by introducing yourself and your company, as well as some suggestions for how you and your organisation could collaborate and, most importantly, how you can help each other.

Create High-Resolution Infographics

Website owners and bloggers are constantly on the lookout for high-quality content that will help them stand out.

Produce and distribute original infographics or other high-quality visuals across several platforms.

Check to see whether the graphic has been republished elsewhere after it has been published; if it has, it’s likely that the visual was embedded but no link back to you was provided.

In this scenario, you should contact the website and request the URL.

It’s not tough to figure out where the graphic is being published. 

Begin by obtaining a copy of the filename of the graphic’s location. Instead of just the URL, you need the exact jpg or png filename.

To do so, right-click on the graphic and select “Copy Image URL.”

Next, hunt for the camera icon in Google Images. Click it and paste the URL you just copied into the box.

When you select “search by image,” the results will provide the URLs where the image is shared.

Check these URLs to see whether there is a link linking back to your site.

If there isn’t one, contact the website’s owner and request that a link to the original source be added.

Provide Free tools

People are constantly looking for free tips, hacks, tools, ebooks or templates to assist them save time or lead them where they lack knowledge or experience, regardless of the profession or task.

A fast Google search for [x calculator] or [y template] will almost certainly yield a large number of results.

Those at the top of the list are clearly the best tools, which means they’ve been linked to in part because of the value they offer. 

Consider including a resources section on your website if you have any unique or valuable tools or templates that you utilise to streamline your business or operations. 

To give context for users and search engine crawlers, make sure you have relevant keyword-rich content surrounding the tool or template, according to SEO best practises. 

Furthermore, after the tool has been launched, you should advertise it through any and all relevant channels, social or otherwise, where you believe your audience will notice it and possibly connect to it. 

Encourage and politely request that people who use the tool share it with others if it is useful to them. 

Ahrefs is a master at giving away free versions of their SEO platform’s products.

In fact, Ahrefs aggressively promotes these free components in blogs and social media, making it a crucial pillar of their product-led software approach. 

Thousands of its paid users began by interacting with the platform’s free tools before upgrading to the premium version. 

As a result, Ahrefs is frequently found near the top of organic search results for SEO-related topics.

Create Ultimate Guides

An Ultimate Guide is a piece of information that aims to be the greatest and most thorough reference on a particular subject.

It contains enough knowledge to eliminate the need to look up additional information on the issue. 

Here are a couple of samples from our own website: 

“The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide” 

“The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide”

Because they assist bloggers and journalists in referencing an idea they mention, these Ultimate Guides gain inbound hyperlinks. 

If someone produces a post like “How to Get Started With Content Marketing,” they can focus on a few suggestions and methods rather than teaching Content Marketing in detail; instead, they can simply link to a Content Marketing Ultimate Guide if their readers have additional questions.

Add Your Website In Reputable Directories.

Many web directories are of no real use to Internet users, and Google has decided to remove them from its search results. You don’t want your website to appear on these kinds of pages. 

However, not all internet directories are created equal. You want to be featured in a directory that not only allows you to publish a link to your website, but also provides relevant information for your potential clients. 

A fantastic choice is niche directories and directories linked to useful websites for a specific industry.

It is easier to get indexed in the main search engines and for people to find you online if your business is listed in such directories.

Guest Posting

Guest blogging is definitely one of the most common sorts of Creative Link Building Strategies right now, and you’ve probably heard of it.

It is a simple concept, and it’s usually easier to figure out which sites to approach. 

If you’ve never heard of it before, guest posting is locating other similar websites and producing an article for them (or in collaboration with them).

In exchange, you’ll usually get at least one hyperlink, either within the text or in the bio section at the bottom. 

When I say the proper method, I’m referring to a focus on relevance. 

And authority metrics such Domain Authority are useful.

However, the most important thing is to write for websites that are either related to yours or can be made to be consistent with a piece that bridges the gap between their niche and yours. 

As a result, there will be a only few stages involved.

Roundup Posts

The purpose of Roundup postings is to interview as many top experts and industry Influencers as possible, then share the content with others, including the experts.

That will provide you with a number of high-quality links.

See how Bryan sat down with 25 successful writers, to get their valuable lessons.

You can conduct interviews in a variety of ways, including question-and-answer interviews in which one expert responds to a question, group interviews in which a group of experts responds to the same question, and roundup interviews in which several experts share their knowledge or provide the best advice on how to solve a problem. 

To acquire both visibility and possibly high-quality links from others referring to them as well as the experts, you should focus on the most Influencers and top experts with the most readers.

You can use Realtime, Topsy, or Twitter to find influencers.

Include Statistics From The Industry.

Using the most relevant statistics from your niche to develop quality backlinks might work wonders. 

Content writers are constantly on the lookout for reliable statistics.

Users and readers prefer content that is driven by data, and all websites require data to support their content.

It would assist content writers in minimizing research time if you can compile the stats on a single page.

Competition Analysis

A competitive link audit should be one of the first things you do as an agency for any client.

This examines competitors’ websites for valuable backlinking chances that you might be able to take advantage of as well. A variety of tools, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz’s Open Site Explorer, can be used to conduct the audit. 

Check the backlinks and referring domains of your top competitors.

Domains linking to the same site many times, link chances within branded content, dead links, and shared links among your competitors are some of the crucial characteristics to look for.

Completing a competitive link audit will give you a variety of link-building tools that you may obtain naturally by conducting comprehensive study.

Reach Out To Famous News Magazines

Reaching out to well known news magazines isn’t always straightforward, but it can be a huge gain for your brand.

You’ll often obtain a link from stories about your company that are published online as part of that endeavour. 

This strategy, like others, involves contacting editors, writers, and contributors for well-known web magazines.

A public relations firm could be able to help you get your foot in the door if you’re having problems generating any traction with the press.

Having some stories out there will help you find new ones, and it will also give your website a lot more credibility. 

Start by developing a list of publications you wish to break into by topic and location, just like you would with blogs or podcasts.

You may need to perform some legwork, but you should be able to compile a list of target publications and keywords, which you can then pitch. 

Just keep in mind that established newspapers can be “picky” about restrictions. Do your homework and follow the guidelines!

how to build backlinks for seo

Final Thoughts

Link building is a continuous effort process. It depends how much effort and work you are putting in your website. And if you use the above strategies then you can easily gain some traction from other websites and they will use your resources. Also will link back to your website. Backlinks are the backbone of your website and keep in mind you can not build it in one day. You have to do a lot of work and your hardwork will lead you to fruitful results. 

Want more? No problem!

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