Target Affiliate Program Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

Target Affiliate Program Review 2021: Is It Worth It?

Target is a big company and you will be happy to know that they do have an affiliate program. 

It’s one of the best alternatives of the Amazon affiliate program. They offer a huge variety of products in various niches. 

In this post I am going to reveal more about how the target affiliate program works,  pros and cons, commission structure and how you can promote it to your target audience. 

So, Let’s get started.

What Is The Target Corporation? 

Target Corporation is one of the most well-known retailers in the United States. It is even included in the S&P 500 Index (American Stock Market Index). Minneapolis is the headquarters of Target. It was originally known as Goodfellow Dry Goods when it was formed by George Dayton in June 1902. 

In 1962, the first Target shop opened in Roseville, Minnesota. In the 1970s and 1980s, Target’s retail chain expanded rapidly across the country. Because of Target’s enormous success, the parent corporation was renamed the Target Corporation in 2000. 

Despite some major failures in the 2000s, Target was able to revive its fortunes thanks to its growth into urban markets across the United States. 

Target maintains 1822 stores across the United States of America as of February 3, 2018. On the Fortune 500 list for 2018, the company was rated No. 39. 

How Does The Target Affiliate Program Work? 

Impact Radius manages the Target affiliate program. From the Target affiliate landing page, you can sign up for an Impact Radius account and join the program. 

To be accepted for the program, you must have a website that receives the majority of its traffic from the United States. 

Target accepts affiliates from all over the world, but your content must be targeted at the US audience.

Target does not ship internationally, therefore promoting Target would be pointless if you don’t have any US traffic. 

Because the Target affiliate program has a seven-day referral period, you’ll be credited for any order placed within seven days of your visitor’s initial click. 

You’ll get access to over 150 banners in various sizes once you’ve been accepted into the program. You’re even given banners for special offers and promotions.

Commission Structure 

The commission rates differ significantly from one product to the next. For example, in the apparel sector, you can make anywhere from 5% to 8% on each transaction, while in the beauty and health sector, you’ll only get 1%.

This is also truly the case for home and outdoor furniture, which can earn you a commission of 5 to 8%, but baby gear and furniture earns you a commission of 3 to 5%. 

The coolest part is that the commission prices change depending on the monthly net orders you use. If you refer to just 10 orders, for example, you’ll earn the lowest commissions, which are 5% for apparel, 5% for home and outdoor living, 3% for baby products, and 1% for health and beauty.

However, if you refer 50 to 300 orders, your commissions will be 6.5 percent for fashion, 6.5 percent for home and outdoor living, 3.75 percent for baby products, and the same 1% for health and beauty.

If you refer to over 10,000 items, your commission rates will be the highest: 8% for apparel, 8% for home and outdoor living, 5% for baby products, and the same 1% for beauty and health. 

Target’s affiliate program is superior to Amazon Associates from the start, both in terms of cookie duration and commission amount. 

Target pays its affiliates using Paypal, so that’s one less thing to be concerned about.

Product Categories

Target is a one-stop-shop for everything in America. They handle all of the shoppers’ everyday needs, such as meals and basic merchandise. 

They tailor each store’s assortment based on the town and the people who live there, from household products to apparel, electronic goods to toys.

  • Household essentials 
  • Clothing 
  • Baby Products 
  • Home and furniture 
  • Kitchen and dining 
  • Patio and garden
  • Electronics
  • Video games 
  • Personal care products 
  • Pets products 
  • Health and beauty 

And much more. 

Cookies are used to track your visits and pay you commissions. 

When you send a visitor to Target via your affiliate link, they are registered and recognised as having come from you via cookies, and you will only be compensated for sales if your cookie was registered with the client at the time of purchase. 

Cookies, on the other hand, do not last indefinitely, and Target permits you to make a transaction and earn a commission for up to seven days.

This may appear to be short, but it isn’t. To give you an example, Amazon’s is merely 24 hours. 

A person has seven days to determine whether or not to buy. Just make sure that the people who click on your links are well targeted. 

If you’re already doing that, a 7-day cookie will be more than enough for you to make a good living with Target.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Target Affiliate Program?


Big brand 

Target is a well-known name in the department store industry in the United States. After Amazon and Walmart, it ranks third among department stores in the United States. They offer high-quality products, with thousands of clients across the United States.

Anyone can apply 

All countries are permitted to participate in the project. You must, however, have an Impact Radius account. 

Cookie duration is 7 days. You will be paid a commission if someone clicks on the product link and buys it within a week. 

Add multiple websites 

You can add additional websites for approval if you have more than one. There’s no need to make multiple accounts. 

Dedicated support 

The Target team will provide the affiliates with dedicated support in case you need any help at the time of any problem.

Weekly Updates 

Weekly newsletters are sent to you. It could include information on new products, promotions, and competitions, among other things.


Low Commissions 

The commission charges are low in comparison. Only when you recommend at least 10,000 monthly sales may you earn up to 8% commission. 

Ships to US audience only

Despite the fact that the Target affiliate program is open to everyone, the sale must be made in the United States because their service is only available in the U.S. They do not ship internationally.

Top Alternatives of Target Affiliate Program 

Affiliate ProgramsCommission RateCookie Duration
Wayfair affiliate program 7% 7 days
Amazon affiliate program 1% to 10% 24 hours
Walmart affiliate program 1% to 10%  3 days

How To Promote Target Affiliate Program?

Create a Site for a Specific Audience 

A niche site concentrates on a certain theme, such as beauty, fashion suggestions, home improvement, gaming, and so on. These websites are made to appeal to a specific demographic. 

The most profitable niches are always in demand. They receive a lot of traffic and have products that are in high demand all year. 

For example, if you have interest in home decor. Then you can go for it. People are constantly searching for a variety of products. 

You can look for a variety of  home and outdoor living products available on target. There are more than enough varieties from which you can choose and promote. Also the commission rate for home and outdoor living starts from 5%. You can easily make a living out of it. 

Write Reviews

Nothing matches a fantastic product review post!

A review article introduces the product to your blog readers while also providing your perspective on why they should buy it.

When creating a review post for your affiliate product, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

Reviews must be truthful. Most of the time, individuals just discuss the positive aspects of a product and ignore any negative aspects.

Both sides of the coin should be considered in a fair review. Remember to include product photos and any other relevant information you have about the product. 

People are looking for a personal suggestion in review articles, so write a review in a personal tone. 

Choose a product that you’re more likely to utilise. 

Use star ratings in search engines to boost the click-through rate of your reviews. 

Affiliate Banners 

These are simple to include in your page’s sidebar, header, footer, or content. Your affiliate link is included in the code that you have copied and pasted onto your page. 

In general, the higher the banner is positioned on your page, the more clicks you’ll get. Visitors with a buy intent, on the other hand, are more likely to study your information thoroughly. 

It’s best to utilise banners sparingly because they appear more promotional than contextual links and many people ignore them. They are, nevertheless, applicable to other marketing platforms, such as social media and email campaigns.

Can You Make $1000 With a Target Affiliate Program? 

Yes, you can earn even more if you are serious about making a full time income out of it. 

As you know, with a lower commission affiliate program like Target, you’ll need to make a lot of sales to make a significant amount of money. You’ll need more visitors to generate more revenue. 

What kind of traffic do you need to make $1000 per month? 

This is dependent on a number of factors, including the product you’re marketing, the commission rate, and the pace with which you converse. 

Let’s see how we can figure it out for this random Target item that costs $60 in the home and outdoor living category. 

The commission fee ranges from 5% to 8%. 

The item costs $60, and you’ll earn a 5% percent commission. 

To make $1,000 a month, you’d need around 278 people to buy this product each month because if you are getting more orders then your commission rate will increase to 6%. 

If your commission was $5 and your conversion rate was 1%, you’d need to make 200 sales per month to earn $1000. You would, however, need to have 20,000 visits. 

It is not necessary to state that you will make $1,000 per month any sooner. 

Obviously, this is only an example. In fact, you would receive $1000 from a variety of products rather than just one. Additionally, if you have a highly focused audience and high-quality testimonials, your conversion rate may be higher. 

However, this will give you a sense of how difficult it is to earn $1,000 a month with a target but if you already have huge traffic on your website then you can easily make thousands of dollars with a target affiliate program. 

Because this brand is well known, the conversion rate will also be high. You just have to create quality content that will help users to resolve their problems.

Final Thoughts

Overall target is an amazing affiliate program. You can definitely join it if you have huge traffic on your website from the USA. There is a lot of money that you can make with a target affiliate program. Also see if the niche you are working in and that category is available on target or not. 

Also, if you are struggling with affiliate marketing and trying to overcome obstacles then you can join this free affiliate marketing training. 

Want more? No problem!

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