Mailchimp Review 2021: A Robust All-In-One Marketing Platform

Mailchimp Review 2021: A Robust All-In-One Marketing Platform

Mailchimp is quite a popular email marketing tool in the industry. And they have been in the market for 2 decades now. 

They started out to help small business owners with their free plan available and affordable services. 

But if you are still confused whether you should go for there service or not? Then you have come to the right place. 

In this post I am going to reveal what mailchimp is, its features, cost, pros and cons. 

So Let’s get started.

What is Mailchimp? 

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing platform that manages all of your email correspondence with customers and other stakeholders.

lt is a web-based program, unlike many other marketing and automation tools.

This means you can use it simply like a webpage in any web browser without having to download and install a large software program. 

Besides its logistical resources, it offers features like mailing list management, template generation, segmentation, automation, and so on.

Mailchimp also has analytical elements that may help you figure out how well your email marketing is working.


Create An Email Campaign 

Mailchimp makes establishing an email campaign simple, and it walks you through all of the processes in advance, making it perfect for beginners.

The workflow isn’t for everyone because you have to fill in all of your campaign’s details first, including subscribers, subject line, and from address, before you can design your email. 

Mailchimp gives you a lot of options and freedom when it comes to email design (shown below).

create an email campaign mailchimp

You can select from the following options when creating your email: 

  • Basic layouts or layouts tailored to specific campaign categories, such as product sales or announcements
  • Template themes
  • Coding your own from scratch

It’s also simple to customise your template by adding text blocks, social sharing buttons, videos, and images.

Everything may be tailored to your brand, from the font to the indents, colours and tints, and even spell checking.

One of Mailchimp’s standout features, is its commenting section.

It lets you send test emails to others and then gathers all of their responses in one place.

This improves teamwork and ensures that your emails are error-free. 

A/B Testing 

Mailchimp also has comprehensive A/B testing capabilities, allowing you to test up to three different versions of content, subject line, from name, and send time on a percentage of your email list or segment, and sending these variations to a percentage of your email list or segment.

Because each campaign has its own set of objectives, Mailchimp also allows you to determine the criteria for selecting the winning email.

This could be a percentage of clicks or opens, total revenue, or another option.


Users of MailChimp can try out different combinations to see what works best for their business.

They can save a segment for current or future ads once they’ve narrowed down a target demographic. 

The solution also allows users to delve deeper by adding a set of nested conditions that apply creative logic to consumer data such as age range, gender, purchase behaviour, and more.

Marketing Automation 

The Customer Journey tool in Mailchimp allows you to design drip campaigns that deliver customers a sequence of automated messages.

marketing automation mailchimp

These campaigns are usually initiated by a specific consumer activity, and they may include branches that target specific customer groups. 

The Customer Journey Map is a diagram that depicts your automation process.

Drip campaigns commence with a point where a contact is added to a pipeline.

A customer journey can have several starting points. Here are a few examples of Mailchimp’s starting points:

  • Abandons cart
  • Buys a specific product
  • Clicks specific link in email
  • Opens email
  • Recurring date
  • Sign ups
  • Time since last purchase

After you’ve chosen a starting point, you’ll add actions and rules to various branches of the customer journey, resulting in a tailored email series for your recipients. 

The actions and rules that you can add to Mailchimp are listed below. 

Actions: Send an email, add or remove a tag, or join or leave a group.

Rules: If/else, wait, delay

Landing Page Builder 

landing page builder mailchimp

You can construct as many landing pages as you want with MailChimp’s built-in landing page builder, regardless of the version you’re using.

Landing page templates are divided into two categories: those for creating email lists and those for promoting products.

You can customise the logo placeholder and the hero section style layout in the default sign-up page template (above).

With another logo placeholder and hero-style design above a CTA area and space for you to add some product listings, the default product page template is a little more sophisticated. 

Overall, it’s fairly basic stuff, and if you’re serious about increasing conversions and growing your email list, you’ll probably want to utilise a dedicated landing page builder like Unbounce or Instapage.


When it comes to designing marketing emails, you never have to start from scratch. 

You can build your emails using a variety of templates provided by MailChimp.

In addition to allowing you to select a template based on its design components, you can also select one depending on the work at hand (e.g., making an announcement or educating your recipients). 

You can alter a template as much or as little as you want once you’ve picked one.

For individuals who are less confident with email design, there is a drag-and-drop editor, while those who are more confident can modify the source code directly.

You may then use the visual editor to alter the email to your desire once you’ve chosen a template.

On the left, you can see a preview of the email, and on the right, you may alter it by clicking on an element.

It’s a wonderful editor because everything is slick and intuitive.

Finally, you select the email’s sending options, such as when it should be sent.


Basic statistics such as sends, bounces, opens, and clicks are only available in some email marketing tools. 

The Marketing Platform (below) from Mailchimp delivers the kind of data that allows you to calculate the ROI of any campaign in real time.

Number of orders, average order revenue, and total income are some of the most useful reports.

Rather than tracking vanity metrics that haven’t resulted in income, this helps you to determine which efforts have actually had an impact.

These figures vary based on which KPIs are most significant for each of your campaigns.

If your campaign’s goal is to get people to download an ebook, this is the metric Mailchimp will show you first. 

You can increase the success of your campaigns over time with Mailchimp’s comparative reports.

These figures reveal if they’re getting better (or worse) outcomes, as well as if there are any spikes in the number of successful emails.

You can also rapidly spot any problems, like as a progressive drop in your click rate, as well as any common characteristics of successful ads.

Mailchimp also keeps track of the following actionable insights: 

  • A map of “opens” based on their location. 
  • Likes and shares of your campaign on social media 
  • The most active subscribers are those who open your emails the most. 
  • The first 24 hours of your email’s performance 

Mailchimp not only lets you track the performance of one-off email campaigns, but it also lets you see how each of your automated email series is doing.

That way, if any of the phases aren’t nurturing customers down the pipeline, you can adjust them.


mailchimp integration

You can integrate mailchimp with a variety of platforms according to your marketing campaign requirements. Whether you’re an ecommerce, blogger, nonprofit, or business owner, this platform is a great choice. It provides hundreds of integrations to popular and niche applications such as wordpress.

Mailchimp Cost

Free Plan – $0

As a startup or novice marketer, the Mailchimp Free plan includes everything you need.

It can help you identify new consumers, collect signups, and send targeted emails to your connections. 

You’ll get a marketing customer relationship management tool (CRM) as part of the free plan to help you create great relationships with your clients. 

Mailchimp offers CRM tools to help you communicate with your contacts.

It also has pre-built segments for filtering contacts and data for easier user administration. 

To manage your email lists, you can build unique segments and categories.

You can also send customers automatic emails based on your preferences. 

The free plan also includes basic email templates. Use the marketing calendar to keep track of your campaigns and send out emails to users. 

Aside from that, you’ll have access to the Mailchimp knowledge base and dictionary for 30 days.

With these features, Mailchimp’s free plan is a terrific place to start when it comes to building an audience.

Essential Plan – $9.99/month for 50000 contacts 

Everything from the Mailchimp Free plan is included in the Essentials plan.

Pre-built email templates, email scheduling, A/B testing, automated emails, and other email marketing and automation capabilities are available. 

It also has behavioural targeting, which means you may send emails to your customers depending on their online activity.

You may take it a step further by segmenting users’ behaviour based on their clicks, campaign views, purchase history, and other factors. 

You can save time and focus on your business’s growth by using automated targeted messaging. 

Welcome messages, product recommendations, and other emails are automatically sent to your customers by Mailchimp. 

It also works with over 250 apps and web services without a hitch.

The Mailchimp Essentials package includes smart tools for better content creation and email list growth advice. 

Furthermore, it has email and live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s for marketers that aim to strengthen client relationships while also increasing sales revenue.

Standard Plan – $14.99/month for 50000 contacts

The Standard plan is exclusively for expert marketers. 

It includes all of the email templates you’ll need to create effective and appealing emails.

Developers and designers would like the custom email templates. 

You get free signup forms with this plan, which you can use to collect user data and send more targeted emails to convert potential leads into paying clients.

Signup forms can be shown in inventive popups, the sidebar, the footer, or anywhere else on your website. 

The standard plan is also recommended by Mailchimp because it has a lot of tools and alternatives for automating your marketing campaigns.

It comes with a number of useful content tools as well as a creative assistant to help you build up your emails.

To manage your account, add contacts, and send campaigns, you can use the Mailchimp mobile app.

It works with third-party apps and services right out of the box.

Premium Plan – $299/month for 200000 contacts

The Mailchimp Premium subscription is for advanced users who want access to the best growth tools.

It has comprehensive email personalization and automation options for easily sending thousands of emails. 

Customer journey builder is one of the core features, allowing you to construct a bespoke roadmap for each user based on their interactions with your website. 

Multivariate campaigns also aid in the editing of campaigns based on user responses. 

It allows you to create sophisticated but adaptable campaigns for precise user targeting using smart segmentation.

This type of segmentation allows you to create any number of conditions and combine any logic to expand your consumer base.

This proposal also includes a specialised marketing platform for social networks to use to run Facebook and Instagram advertisements, retargeting ads, and social content scheduling, among other things.

You can also connect with your consumers by creating bespoke landing pages. 

While Mailchimp provides help to all users, the Premium plan features a priority support system.

You’ll get phone help, 24/7 live chat support, email support, and more if you choose this option.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Mailchimp?


Easy To Use

You don’t need any technical abilities to create emails or signup forms because they are simple to create. Users can also modify and customise templates in MailChimp to create emails that reflect their brand.


Users can also view reports on who has clicked on the link they were sent. 

Mobile Friendly Templates

The templates can be made mobile-friendly so that your clients can view the content no matter what device they’re using. 

Drag And Drop Builder

The dashboard has a drag and drop feature that allows you to easily determine where you want your images and text to go by simply dragging and dropping your content and image with your mouse or touchpad. 

Built In Picture Editor

MailChimp features a built-in picture editor and hosts your photographs, making it simple to arrange your images using the file management and removing the need to use several tools.

Built In Live Previewer

It comes with a built-in live previewer that lets you see how your email will look on PCs, laptops, and mobile devices before sending it. 

Social Media Integration

Users can integrate MailChimp with social media, allowing them to send a link to the most recent email to their Twitter and Facebook followers. 

Dedicated Support

Mailchimp provides number one support to their customers 24/7.  They have even won 14 prestigious Stevie Awards for their exceptional service.


No Refund For Deactivated Account

You will not be refunded for unused credits on the pay-as-you-go plans if you deactivate your account or MailChimp suspends you for spamming.

Do Not Support Affiliate Marketing

Because affiliate marketing is meant to be inconspicuous and based on trust and recommendations, MailChimp is not ideal for business models that include affiliate marketing. Also, MailChimp will stop any email that it believes contains its blacklisted links, which includes many retailers. 

Final Thoughts

Overall mailchimp is a great email marketing tool. It’s pretty simple to use. You do not need to be a technical guru for it. But, keep in mind if you are an affiliate marketer then you can not use it. There is no harm in trying out their service because of the free plan. And if you don’t like it, then you can cancel anytime. 

Want more? No problem!

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