Shareasale Review : Features, Pros and Cons (2021)

Shareasale Review : Features, Pros and Cons (2021)

As an affiliate marketer you probably have heard about shareasale affiliate networks. 

It is quite a popular and reputed affiliate network. 

You can see a lot of popular brands affiliate programs are listed on shareasale. 

ShareASale is a fantastic choice for many affiliates because they have such a large number of businesses to promote,. Physical things such as apparel and jewellery are included, as well as software and web services. 

I also appreciate ShareAsale because of its specific diversity. This network has products that could be marketed to customers in a wide range of niches.

In this post I am going to dig further about shareasale. So you can have a clear picture about shareasale.

So let’s get started 

What Is Shareasale? 

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in Chicago, Illinois, that was founded in 2000. Affiliates are paid commissions depending on sales via ShareASale. You can choose from over 4500 affiliate marketing programs to earn these commissions as an affiliate marketer. ShareASale also has a merchant network in addition to its affiliate network.

The majority of ShareASale affiliate commissions begin at 10% and sometimes as high as 80%. 

How To Sign Up?

Step 1: Go to their website and click on the affiliate Sign Up link. As shown in the picture below. 

shareasale affiliate sign up

Step 2 : You will be asked for your website url. So you’ll need to have an active website to use shareasale. 

shareasale website url form

Step 3: Provide your valid email address. 

shareasale account registration

Step 4 : Fill your contact Information

Step 5 : Choose your payment options

shareasale affiliate sign up

Step 6 : Read and agree to the terms and conditions

Step 7 : Confirm your email address

Step 8 : Your application will be reviewed in 3 business days, so you will have to wait and receive an email when it will be activated.

shareasale review complete

How To Find the best offer on Shareasale? 

Power Rank :-

The term “Power Rank” refers to a list of ShareASale merchants who are the most profitable.

Knowing which merchants on the site are having the most success might help you find profitable affiliate programs. 


Log in to your account and select “Merchants.”  and you will see an option of “Search For Merchants”

search for merchants shareasale

On the top, you’ll notice “Featured Categories.” 

Then select “Power Rank:” from the drop-down menu.

shareasale power rank

Search By Categories

You can choose by categories in which you are in. 

ShareASale presents a list of categories on the left-hand side of the “Search For Merchant” page, along with the number of merchants in each. 

Search By Keywords :-

You can also search by keywords in which your niche is. 

A search box can be found on the upper left of the “Search For Merchants” page:

Simply type a keyword and hit the “Go” button. 

After that, ShareASale will provide you a list of merchants who fulfil your criteria. 

Sort By EPC :-

Once you type in your selected keyword you’ll see a huge list of merchants. In this list you can select out the programs on the basis of epc and higher the epc, the better. 

Higher Conversion Rate :-

You can select the affiliate programs with higher conversion rate.


Reporting & Analytics 

ShareASale delivers important Analytics data on your performance, such as activity details, a traffic report, and invalid links, among other things. Aside from that, ShareASale collects crucial analytics on how the programme converts, the average order value, and a number of other stats on the Merchant side of things.

Traffic Reporting 

The Traffic Report is another important Analytics tool that breaks out how much traffic you’re sending to various Merchants and how well it converts.

Invalid Links 

This is yet another useful resource. If a ShareASale affiliate program expires, all of the links on your site will become invalid. ShareASale is beneficial in that it lists all of your broken links, albeit it doesn’t always show which page they came from. It might take some effort to figure this out, but at the very least you’ll be able to remedy the error and promote a different software.

Product Discovery Tool 

This is a useful application that allows you to make custom deep links right from your browser. 

It works like this: you add it to your Chrome bookmarks, and then when you want to connect to a product in a program you’re a member of, you go to the product page, click the link in your favourites, and you’ll get a special affiliate link to the product as long as you’re logged in to ShareASale. 

Although you may generate custom, deep links from within ShareSale, I find that using this product finding tool is significantly faster.

Get A link/ Banner 

Using this feature you can easily create affiliate links. Simply select the type of creative you require (text link, banner, etc.) and copy the HTML code. 

Other intriguing ways to create affiliate links on ShareASale include:

Bookmarklet:- While exploring the web, grab links on the go.

Custom Link Tool:- Their in-house tool for making short links. 

Make a page :- You may create product galleries with Make-A-Page. 

Product Showcase :- You can use Product Showcase to build banners that display products from a specified program. 

Shareasale Alternatives

Cj Affiliate
Warrior Plus

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Shareasale



No matter what your niche is. Shareasale has got you covered. You can find products in almost every niche. They currently have 40 different categories and 4500 active affiliate programs

Easy to use 

You will never have a problem using this affiliate network. It is extremely easy to use. So as an affiliate marketer it is a plus point as this thing saves a lot of time. 

Easy approval 

As compared to other affiliate networks when you apply for affiliate programs, there are high chances that you will get easily approved according to my experience with shareasale. 

On time payment 

You will never have a problem with late payments and all. Shareasale pays their affiliate on time. 

Deep Links 

This is one of my favourite features and it is available on shareasale. I always look for this feature in each and every affiliate network for which I apply because it makes things much easier and convenient. 


Affiliate Approval 

Yes this is a bit of a minus point because you need approval for each and every affiliate program that you would like to choose. 

No Paypal

They do not have a paypal option in payment methods and most of the affiliates prefer paypal payouts so they may lose some affiliate sign ups because of this issue. 

Payment Methods and Thresholds 

You have the option of receiving payment by check, payoneer, ACH direct deposit or wire transfer.  A wire transfer costs $29, so keep that in mind. You can alter your payment preferences in your Payment Settings. 

The minimum threshold is $50, but you can go higher if you like. Payments for commissions earned in the previous month are always issued on the 20th of each month. 

How To Promote Shareasale Affiliate Offers? 

Create An Authority Website 

A large site with high-quality information is referred to as an authority site. You should target informational keywords with your own affiliate site. These keywords have a lot of traffic and Informative content assists search engines like Google give your site more authority and trust.Create a content marketing plan that focuses on the various stages of the buyer’s journey. You can also conduct research on Facebook, Quora, and Reddit.

Build An Email List 

Email marketing is a low-cost method of cultivating relationships with your audience while also generating affiliate commissions. 

It also provides a high rate of return on investment. According to statistics, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect to get a $42 return on your investment.

Add forms to your pages to create an email list. Then you can create an autoresponder series to automatically deliver engaging emails to your subscribers.

Use Social Media For Promotion 

The impact of social media is enormous. 

On social media, there are approximately 3.5 billion active users. 

That’s about a quarter of the population! 

Users of social media sites such as Facebook don’t just use them to publish images and share information from their pals. These networks are used by 54% of people to do product research. 

You may reach a large audience and establish a large following via social media. Facebook Ads can also be used to bring targeted visitors to your website.

Create Useful Videos

Internet users are enjoying social and web videos and livestreams, and online video consumption is continuing to rise. People spend an average of 84 minutes a day watching internet video, according to Zenith, and that number is expected to rise to 100 minutes by 2021. Between 2013 and 2018, digital video consumption grew at a rate of 32 percent on average. 

Affiliate marketers may utilise online video to launch new items, have Q&A sessions, reach out to specific audiences, and give live demonstrations, creating dynamic, visually appealing experiences for potential customers. 

Shareasale Support

The ShareASale support crew is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent affiliate assistance. Personally, I’ve always been able to resolve my problems. However, their customer service can take up to two days to respond. They’re only available via email, unfortunately. 

They also have a help centre with an outdated design. Despite the support center’s old outdated style, it does contain some useful information documents that affiliates can use to answer their questions. In this instance, you won’t need to contact support or wait for a response. 

However, there is space for improvement on ShareASale’s assistance, particularly in terms of email response time.


What Is Shareasale Net Worth?  

Shareasale’s annual revenue is currently estimated to be $1 million. 

Is Shareasale A Scam Or Legit? 

No, shareasale is not a scam. It is a 100% legit company. 

Is Shareasale A Reputable Affiliate Program? 

Yes, shareasale is a reputable affiliate network with over two decades of sales and marketing experience.

Final Thoughts

In short, ShareASale is a wonderful place to start if you’re looking to join an affiliate network. It specializes in physical things, but perusing their many programs will almost certainly lead you to some fascinating revenue opportunities.

And if you want to change your affiliate marketing game and make a business out of it not just a side hustle then you can join this free affiliate marketing training that has helped me to increase my affiliate marketing earnings to six figures income stream.

Want more? No problem!

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