Ubersuggest Review : Free Keyword Research Tool (2021)

Ubersuggest Review : Free Keyword Research Tool (2021)

If you are in the SEO game, you know how important keyword research is. There are lots of free tools available in the market and they are quite expensive. 

But today I am going to review Ubersuggest SEO tool. It is quite popular though and affordable. Yes, this tool has a free version but it is very limited and if you want to get more out of it then I recommend the paid version which is just 12 bucks a month. 

Neil patel is the owner of this amazing tool and he is one of the top 10 marketers according to forbes. 

So let’s see how this tool works and how it can help you in SEO optimization.

What Is Ubersuggest? 

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that may help you come up with new content ideas, research your competition, and obtain keyword suggestions for your articles. It functions similarly to other premium SEO tools (Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMRush, and so on), with the exception of more in-depth keyword analysis, therefore it could be a good option for freelancers who don’t have the cash for a high-priced SEO tool.


There are essentially five tiers of data that the program allows you to investigate: 

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Content Ideas
  • Competitive Analysis 
  • SEO Analyzer

Keyword Overview

ubersuggest keyword overview

Search Volume :- The keyword overview, as we can see, shows us the expected monthly traffic generated by our keyword.

SEO Difficulty:- The keyword difficulty score is a number that represents the projected organic search competition. The lower the number, the lower the competition for that specific term.

Paid Difficulty :- The paid difficulty score is a number that shows the keyword’s projected competition in paid search results. The higher the score, the more expensive ppc advertising are for that keyword.

Cost Per Click :- This is the average cost per click in Google’s paid search results.

The trend graph might also give us an indication of how traffic has changed for our term over the last year. On top of that, we can observe how much traffic is coming from mobile and how much traffic is coming from desktop. 

The traffic breakdown is significant because it shows you how people search for your content using a given term.

Another great feature of the tool is that it displays us how many backlinks the top 10 search results for the keyword have on average.

This is quite useful because you will need to develop some backlinks to the keyword in order to compete for it. Knowing how much something costs can give you an advantage.

Keyword Ideas

ubersuggest keyword ideas

The Ubersuggest keyword ideas area is quite interesting. It gives you the option of looking at keyword suggestions on five distinct levels. 

They are as follows: 

  • Standard keyword suggestions
  • Related keyword suggestions
  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons

If you’re creating blog content, you’re not going to create it for a single keyword. It’ll likely be a mix of hobbies, queries, and other thoughts centred on that keyword. 

These various keyword concept components enable you to generate a list of ideas for your writing.

This allows you to develop your own list of potential keywords to target in order to rank your content efficiently. If you include at least one or two of these keyword components in your content, it will rank well in the SERPs. 

These keyword suggestions will help you generate long-form content that will set you apart from your competitors. It also allows you to concentrate on keyword suggestions with bigger traffic volumes.

Content Ideas

ubersuggest content ideas

Sample articles and pages that rank high in search engines for your desired keyword are provided in the content suggestions section. 

If you want to know what kind of content scores well in search engines, this is really useful. It might assist you come up with new ways to improve your content and outperform your competitors.

You can also view the expected keyword rankings for the page, as well as the monthly visitor count.

This is tremendously useful when considering which keywords to target for your content and how much traffic you can expect if you can rank your content at the top of the search results. 

You also have visibility into the SEO complexity associated with each keyword. This might assist you in determining which keyword to target in order to generate the maximum traffic.

Competitive Analysis 

Competitive analysis ubersuggest

You can do competitive analysis simply by entering your competitor’s domain. Here is what you will get when you type your competitors domain:-

  • Organic Keywords: These are the keywords for which the domain is listed in Google’s search engine results page (SERP). 
  • Organic Traffic: This is the overall amount of traffic your rival receives for all of the organic keywords for which it has ranked. 
  • Paid Keywords: The amount of Google Ads keywords for which your opponent is bidding. 
  • Sponsored Ad Cost: This indicates how much money your opponent is spending on Google’s paid ads.
  • Traffic Graph: This graph will show you whether your competitor’s search engine traffic is increasing or decreasing. 
  • Domain Score: It indicates the domain’s strength based on different on-page and off-page SEO elements. 
  • Backlinks: This metric displays the number of dofollow and nofollow backlinks that your competition has received.
  • .gov and.edu links: This indicates how many backlinks or hyperlinks your rival receives from the government website.
  • Top Pages organised by country. 
  • All SEO keywords are organised by country.

The Ubersuggest traffic analyzers can help you get a sense of how much traffic top pages and keywords can produce for a particular term or site.

Knowing how much traffic a given page brings in for a website is extremely useful since it gives you an indication of the type of traffic you may expect if you rank high for a specific keyword. 

Ubersuggest also shows us the top keywords by nation for which a website ranks.

SEO Analyzer 

Ubersuggest SEO audit will examine the website you’ve submitted and tailor the results to your site issues. 

You can make your website SEO-friendly by correcting these issues.

Here is what you will get :- 

Errors – find out what SEO mistakes you’re doing and how they’re affecting your SEO health. 

Site speed – assess your site’s performance and determine what needs to be improved. 

Recommendations – specific modifications that will help you boost your rankings. 

SEO Score – Your SEO Score is a snapshot of your overall SEO health.

Ubersuggest Chrome extension

Within your browser extension, the Ubersuggest chrome extension can make keyword research simple.

Lets see how it works

First download the ubersuggest chrome extension to your browser. After you’ve added the Ubersuggest chrome extension to your browser, go to Google and type in whatever search term you want. Let’s have a look at the data we obtained in response to the following question.

seo tool

The chrome extension gives you a lot of useful information about your inquiry. The information provided by the app is listed below. 

  • The number of searches for the keyword every month is 90,500. 
  • To bid for that inquiry, the average cost per click is $4.20. 
  • The average domain authority score of the top ten web pages is 86.
  • The SEO difficulty for the keyword is 88.
  • Related keywords to your main query, including monthly volume, cost per click, and estimated competition.

But there’s more… 

When you click the suggestion tab in the Ubersuggest data panel, you’ll be taken to a page with even more information.

keyword research

If you want to try to rank for less competitive keywords, the app will provide you with various keyword ideas to target.

keyword suggestions tool

The benefit of having all of the data for a single search query is that it helps you to be more specific with your search queries in order to uncover keywords and phrases for which you can rank. 

You may also look at the SEO metrix area to check which websites rank first in search results for your related query.

ubersuggest seo metrics

This helps you isolate and identify your main competitors for the search query you’re attempting to rank for. 

You can also get a detailed breakdown of your search query and its associated data.

overview ubersuggest

You may also find out by hovering over the left hand side of the Ubersuggest dashboard panel: 

  • keyword suggestions 
  • Content ideas 
  • Pages with the highest rankings 
  • Details and analysis of keywords 
  • Site audits
  • Backlink profiles

Benefits of Ubersuggest 

  • It’s a nice, clean, and simple layout that’s simple to utilise. 
  • All in one tool if you’ll need to conduct basic SEO research.
  • Broken link monitoring can help you improve your Google ranking. 
  • Competitor keyword research to gain a competitive advantage. 
  • Fast and quick results.

Ubersuggest Alternatives

Semrush7 days free trail
Mangools7 days free trail
Google Keyword PlannerFree
Aherfs$7 for 7 days trail

Ubersuggest Pricing 

The majority of the time, users can get away with utilising Ubersuggest for free. The paid version is significantly more ideal for you if you want more sophisticated options such as training and assistance, rank tracking, competition analysis, and constructing custom keyword and SEO projects.

There are three plans as follows:- 

  • Individual – $12 per month.
  • Enterprise – $20 per month.
  • Enterprise/Agency – $40 per month.

Overall, the rate is reasonable and reasonable if you are just getting started with SEO. The main drawback is that their individual plan restricts you to a maximum of three projects per day, although other SEO tools allow for considerably more.

Ubersuggest Support 

ubersuggest support

If you need any help from ubersuggest then you can easily contact their support team and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Till now all my queries have been solved. 

Final Thoughts

Ubersuggest tool for keyword research and SEO analysis is one of the best solutions out now. It comes with plenty of features like keyword research, competitors analysis, SEO analysis etc. It’s a breeze to work with. It’s an excellent free SEO tool specially for newbies. I recommend the paid version if you do have a budget. 

Want more? No problem!

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