Traffic Authority Review: In Depth (2021)

Traffic Authority Review: In Depth (2021)

You probably have heard about traffic authority website.

Obviously yes! That’s why you are here.

You may be wondering whether the claims made by this website are true or not? 

Is it the right tool for your online business to get traffic and get results? 

In this detailed review of traffic authority I have covered all the questions that may be coming into your mind. And after reading this post, you will have a clear picture about this platform.

So without wasting any time let’s get started. 

What Is Traffic Authority? 

traffic authoriy website

Traffic Authority is a multilevel marketing company that sells training, tools, and web traffic packages through a membership site. The service it provides is purely coincidental. Traffic Authority is the rebirth of Infinite Leverage, a prior MLM enterprise owned by the same people. 

The four main products of Traffic Authority are Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy, Traffic Packages, and List Building.

  • Traffic Optimizer is a package of tools for tracking and managing traffic as well as optimizing conversions. 
  • Traffic authority provides email marketing, solo advertisements, social media, and video marketing training.
  • Traffic packages are traffic that is done for you in the United States and Canada.
  • List building provides three high-converting lead collection pages, as well as an innovative Viral Lead Pass-up System to quickly build a high quality email list.

Authority primarily promotes their alleged “potential” to make a lot of money selling Traffic Authority. They make the argument for the dream. 

There are multiple levels of compensation depending on the level of membership a member has acquired, like with most multi level marketing firms. 

To earn commissions, a member must first become a reseller by paying $47 per month for the Reseller License. They can market Traffic Authority’s products with a Reseller License. 

Members can only earn commissions on things they have purchased, even if they have a reseller licence.

How Does It Work? 

Members receive a commission for each product they sell, as well as bonuses and other incentives. 

I’ll accept that the commissions aren’t bad, and traffic packages aren’t the only offer you have. 

Tools and training materials are also available (including training for affiliates). 

To put it another way, there is a reasonably big product catalogue to market. 

If you sell a basic traffic package, you’ll be paid about half of the whole price, or $100 (which isn’t terrible).

The issue is that you must meet certain criteria in order to receive affiliate rewards. 

One way to qualify is to buy the things, but there’s another way to qualify: make three sales. 

So, if you opt to sell the basic traffic package ($220), you must sell it three times in order to be eligible for commission payouts. 

Basically, making money for the company for free… so that the company can make more money. 

It doesn’t make any sense. 

Unfortunately, most multi-level marketing companies operate in this manner. 

I can’t speak for the quality of traffic provided by Traffic Authority.

Nonetheless, I don’t understand why to use this company for traffic when there are other, far better options available. 

Is It A Scam? 

No, traffic authority is not a scam, but it is also not a product to buy because it is too expensive, and I have seen similar programs in the past that did not give quality traffic. 

People find it difficult to recruit others in order to earn commission, and they become stuck after investing such a large sum of money. 


You can join Traffic Authority for free, but you won’t get much in return, other than some very basic instruction. The resellers licence, which costs $20 per month, is required to begin selling the products. This allows you to begin selling the products and earn money according to the compensation structure.

The trouble with this is that you won’t know anything about the things you’ll be selling. This is not something I would be willing to undertake; the things could be fantastic or they could be complete garbage.

This implies you’ll have to buy the items to see if they’re any good; the pricing are as follows: 

  • The Traffic Optimizer tools are available for $27 per month. 
  • The monthly cost of Traffic Academy is $97. 
  • Packages for the Traffic Store range from $220 to $8397. 
  • List Building cost one time fee of $497.

The next concern is whether or not customers will be willing to pay these amounts for these things. The tools and the academy seem way overpriced to me, especially since they are monthly payments! What do they have to lose by offering a free trial if these services are so good? In fact, if the Optimizer tools and Academy training provide actual value, I believe they have a lot to gain. 

Then there’s the traffic packages. Investing $220 without knowing what kind of traffic you’ll get isn’t a good idea. How many people can afford this much money? I’d rather spend less money on PPC and know I’m getting targeted traffic. 

And lastly the list building that costs $497 which is an insanely high amount of money.

I wouldn’t consider paying such high fees without knowing exactly what you’re getting. Furthermore, all payments must be done with a credit card, which is a drawback.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Traffic Authority?


Provide Training 

Traffic Authority supplies its affiliates with some training materials. So they can learn about internet affiliate marketing if they don’t already know about it. However, the training materials are of ordinary quality.


False Claims

On the sales website, the company claims that they would assist you in earning money using the same concept as huge online companies like Facebook and Google. This type of information, in my opinion, is really misleading. MLM will not be able to compete with Google or Facebook in any way. 

Issues with Transparency

The company does not provide much information about itself. In addition, the free membership is a ruse. 

Poor Support

The company’s support system isn’t nearly as good as it claims to be. 


Product pricing is reasonable, but the package price is exorbitant. Furthermore, if an affiliate wants to receive a commission, they must purchase the package themselves. 

Who is it for? 

This program is appropriate for experienced marketers with sufficient funds to join in the plan. 

Finally, and most crucially, this organisation caters to those in search of sponsored traffic sources. 

As you can see, there are a variety of bundles available. However, I’m not sure about the traffic quality.

Claims Made By Traffic Authority 

At wholesale costs, you may get premium traffic. After so many years in the market, the company claims to have forged unique relationships with the world’s biggest traffic suppliers in order to secure the best possible price for their customers. 

This, they claim, is also how they can manage how often an offer is seen by their lists, ensuring that you receive the finest quality traffic possible. The company also claims that they generate their own traffic in-house to keep the price as low as feasible. 

They have an endless supply of top-tier traffic, so no matter how much you need, they’ve got you covered. In a single month, Traffic Authority claims to have provided over 5 million clicks for clients, and they haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible. 

Furthermore, they promise that if you work with them, you will never have to worry about your traffic or earning potential being limited.

Do I Recommend Traffic Authority?

No, I don’t recommend the traffic authority because this platform is not good for beginners and expensive. Buying traffic is not something a beginner should do. Purchasing traffic is a sophisticated form of digital marketing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might quickly lose hundreds of dollars with nothing to show for it. 

If you use Traffic Authority to get traffic, it will cost you a lot of money before anyone views your website. 

Because commissions for an upline and a downline are added into the pricing, when you buy traffic through Traffic Authority, you’re paying a wildly inflated price.

Traffic Authority Refund Policy

Traffic authority guarantees customer pleasure. You must file a support ticket, email support, or call the support center to cancel or get a refund for a subscription. There have been complaints about not receiving support responses online.

Traffic Authority Affiliate 

You can also work as an affiliate with Traffic Authority. Create an account there and you’ll be given specially coded links so you may bring consumers to Traffic Authority and start earning commissions on any traffic and related items they buy, forever! 

So, whether you already have a business and require high-quality website traffic, or you want to create one and sell high-quality website traffic, Traffic Authority can assist you.

Traffic Authority Commission Structure

The commissions charged by the Traffic Authority range from $100 for the basic $220 traffic package to $4,000 for the diamond traffic package. 

To qualify for commissions, affiliates must have purchased a similar bundle or “passed up” three commissions on a similar offering.

Final Thoughts

So, after reading this post you may have decided whether you are going to use traffic authority for getting traffic to your online business. I personally do not recommend this platform to anyone because of various reasons like lack of customer support, issues with transparency and the huge claims made by the company which are absolutely not true! As an online marketer I know traffic is the most important part of your business. But I do not want to mislead you guys and would never recommend such a tool. Instead you can learn SEO, paid ads and increase your knowledge about getting traffic to your website. I think you must read the traffic secrets book. It will give you more knowledge about getting traffic and leads. 

Want more? No problem!

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