Skimlinks Review 2022: Why should you use it?

Skimlinks Review 2022: Why should you use it?

As a blogger you know that you can monetize your blog with ads and affiliate marketing.

But it might seem a lot more difficult to visit each and every website for which you wanted to be an affiliate, fill in the sign up application and then wait for 2-3 days to get an approval.

It seems to be a lot of work if you are the only person who is managing all your business activities or the second option is to hire a VA to do all of this work on your behalf but the problem is it costs a lot of money.. 

So what is the solution?

The simple answer to this question is skimlinks. This application does all the hard work for you. You just need to sign up for their program and then you can have access to more than 48500 affiliate programs which are already approved plus it will automatically convert the links on your blog into affiliate links

Let’s dive in…

What Do You Mean By Skimlinks?

Skimlinks is a simple tool that allows you to transform ALL of your links into AFFILIATE links (where possible) and earn extra money. Skimlinks compiles a large number of affiliate programs into one convenient location. 

Rather than travelling to each individual programme and joining up, you may access earning possibilities from 48,500 affiliate programmes (merchants) with only ONE bit of code inserted into your site.

What Are The Features Of Skimlinks? 

Access to 48500 affiliate programs 

Once you sign up for skimlinks, you will get instant access to 48500 affiliate programs at one place. Isn’t it amazing! Plus you will also receive much higher commissions as compared to the commissions offered on CJ Affiliate for the same merchant. 

Automated Affiliate Links 

Once you install the script to your website you will automatically transform all of your links into the affiliate links. It saves enough time and money because you can concentrate on creating content and forget about signing up to individual affiliate programs and then linking it to your website. Skimlinks do all the hard work for you. 

All In One Reporting 

Affiliates use the insights from performance reports to generate more revenue by gaining a better understanding of the type of content that performs best with their audience. Their Reporting API allows you to import commerce data into your own business intelligence solutions for extra flexibility.

How Do You Integrate Skimlinks Into Your WordPress Site?

Step 1: Sign up for Skimlinks first. 

Step 2: In your blog, paste the javascript code. 

Log onto your Skimlinks Dashboard to get your javascript. Copy the code from Settings > Install. 

After that, go to your WordPress dashboard and log in. Widgets may be found under Appearance > Widgets. In your “Footer” section, paste the code into a “Text” widget. 

Step 3: Create content that is centred on business.

Include links in content that is focused on commerce. 

Remember that the only way you can profit from Skimlinks is if Skimlinks can locate affiliate links to convert. You must really LINK to things in order to accomplish this, and those things must be commerce-related. 

How did you figure that out? You might look up which merchants they work with in the Skimlinks database. For example, I knew they worked with Tripadvisor, so I tried to include links to Tripadvisor on my travel blog whenever feasible. When possible, Skimlinks will convert those Tripadvisor links to affiliate links.

Step 4: Sit back and relax as Skimlinks converts your links into affiliate links for you (where possible). 

That’s truly all there is to it. Check your Skimlinks dashboard from time to time to see how much money you’ve made. 

Step 5: Look through the Skimlinks portal for further merchant suggestions. 

If Skimlinks isn’t generating much revenue after a few months, consider searching its hub for other businesses. You can write content specifically for those merchants, improving your chances of earning money through Skimlinks.

Step 6: Get compensated. 

Skimlinks pays you once a month if you meet the minimum payment threshold and a few more criteria. They usually pay on the 5th of the month. Keep in mind, however, that it might take up to 92 days from the time you earn a commission to the time the money reaches your bank account.

Skimlinks Advantages And Disadvantages?


Instant Approval Too Large Number Of Merchants:- 

You have immediate access to all merchants. It is one of the best features because you do not have to get any permission from the merchant for the approval one by one unlike shareasale

Unlike affiliate links spread over many networks and direct programs, you don’t have to wait to reach various payment thresholds. It’s ideal if you have a single item from a certain vendor that you wish to advertise. 

Excellent Reporting

The reporting system is pretty awesome. It displays which merchants are converting, as well as which pages are converting. It’s also quite simple to make custom links for your website or social media accounts.

Easy To Monetize Your Blog 

It couldn’t be much easier to make money if you use the script! Definitely. Install the script, enter your payment details, and then sit back and wait for the next month to arrive. 

Higher Commission Rates

Skimlinks has negotiated exclusive commissions that are higher than you’ll find anywhere else in some cases. I was surprised to see that one of the merchants I used through CJ offered 10% and 20% through Skimlinks!

Create Deep Links :-

You can easily create deep links which I think is one of the major factors in affiliate marketing to get more conversions. 


25% Cut

Your commissions are cut by 25% by Skimlinks. It can have a significant impact on overall earnings. So keep in mind this factor. 

Slow Page Loading

The script may cause your page to load slowly, which Google considers a negative factor. YMMV, but it’s definitely worth a look. 

Incomplete Information

The information on each merchant’s page is a little… deficient. In some cases, rather than expressing the rate explicitly, it lists an average commission (assuming there is enough data). In addition, there is no cookie data, which I believe is a major flaw. Most merchants have a 30-day cookie, but some do not, according to the support section. 

Slow Payments

 It can take up to 92 days for money to appear in your bank account after a transaction.

How to Use the Google Chrome Extension For Skimlinks 

The Skimlinks extension for Google Chrome is an excellent and simple method to establish affiliate links for your website. After installing the Skimlinks Google Chrome extension, you can click on the extension icon to see if the retailer you’re now browsing has a Skimlinks relationship. If that’s the case, simply click “Get Link,” and you’ll have an affiliate link to add to your post right away.

Earning Potential 

Because different merchants have different commission rates, it truly depends on the ones you choose. However, it is also dependent on the volume of visits to your website. A website with 10,000 monthly visitors and one with 80,000 monthly visitors will not earn the same amount of commissions. 

Finally, it is determined by the information you publish on your site. If you produce educational content, there may be less options for affiliate links. If you compose a post that compares two goods then you can link to both goods and earn extra money. 

The quantity of sales you can make from your blog is influenced by the user intent. 

What Should You Avoid Doing? 

Do not install the Skimlinks plugin if you have decided to sign up with them. It is not required for success. And it’s something you don’t want. 

What is the reason for this? 

The plugin will search for random words and insert affiliate links for partners you may not want to advertise. It has the ability to turn a basic post into an ad with numerous links. 

You must have complete control over where the connections are put and to whom they are directed.

Skimlinks Alternative 

Viglink is an alternative to skimlink affiliate program. If you are unable to obtain approval from Skimlinks, you may wish to consider a Skimlinks alternative such as Viglink. (It’s worth noting that Viglink is now known as Sovrn Commerce.) 

Viglink works similarly to Skimlinks: you enter code into your site, and Viglink converts links into affiliate links when possible. The approval process appears to be the most significant distinction. After applying but not yet being authorised for Skimlinks, I couldn’t get the code to work on my site and in the end, I ended up NOT getting approved. I was able to get the code functioning with Viglink before I was even approved.


Is it possible to use the same Skimlinks account for several websites? 

If you manage many websites, you don’t need several Skimlinks accounts. This is something I’ve witnessed firsthand. Go to the gear icon (options) and then choose “sites” to add a new website to your account. You’ll see an option to apply with a new site from there. Other networks may require you to use the same tracking code for various sites, creating a possible tax headache, or create a separate account for each site, requiring you to log in and out of the network on a regular basis.

Is it free to join? 

Yes, it is completely free to join but they do cut 25% from your overall commission sales. 

Do current affiliate links get overridden by Skimlinks? 

It depends on you whether you want this feature or not. 

What are the payment methods to get paid? 

If you’re based in the United States or the United Kingdom, you can pick between direct deposit and PayPal. 

Affiliates from anywhere in the world, on the other hand, can only get payment through PayPal.

Final Thoughts

So you have a great idea about monetizing your blog with skimlinks once you install that script into your website. All you have to do is write blogs and see the money coming into your pocket. I am so glad that I came across this program which saves me a lot of time and money.

Want more? No problem!

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